Welcome to our Gardens!

Today, we invite you to wander through our eleven lovely gardens, shop at local vendors located throughout the area, and explore the beauty of our two neighborhoods.

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Health and Safety Information

As the state of California has relaxed restrictions this week, we are following suit. Please expect that:

  • Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear face coverings per state guidelines.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals may wear face coverings at their discretion. Please bring a mask to carry as we strongly recommend wearing it briefly as a courtesy if planning to be close to other individuals from outside your household.
  • Each garden will have a limited capacity and there may be a brief queue prior to entering.
  • We ask that parties continue to practice physical distancing, especially if an area seems to be crowded.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each garden. Public restrooms at Jack Fisher Park and the Porta Potties on North Olive Lane have sinks for hand washing.

As a note, our event is entirely outside.


Parking should be plentiful throughout our neighborhoods. We encourage attendees to consider walking, as you may find little gems and photo-perfect vignettes between the featured gardens. The entire loop is approximately 1.5 miles long.

Zoom into the map to see more detail.



Starting from  10:00 AM 

Event Begins

Pick up your wristbands at 902 W Riviera Drive

from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

Live Music: Velvet Bow Strings

Classical, folk and pop music for all occasions located near the ticket booth

 10:00 AM 

Butterfly Garden Dedication Ceremony

Located at Sarah Mae Downie Herb Garden, directly across Flower Street from wristband pickup

from  10:30 AM to 4:00 PM 

Butterfly Garden Docent Tours

Docents will lead tours of the garden and explain the lifecycle of butterflies and their importance in nature

from  11:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

Tacos from El Pico de Gallo Grill

Located at 909 West Riviera Drive

Starting from  11:15 AM 

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Starting from  01:00 PM 

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Through  04:00 PM 

Event Ends

Thank you for visiting!

910 West Riviera Drive

West Floral Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • We have a rescued squirrel that lives in our garden shed who is named Eddie.
  • We have 42 Japanese Maples in our yard.

A lot has been packed into this garden, and with every step there is something more to see. The Mittendorfs are gardeners at heart and love sharing their passion with family, friends, and other gardeners.

Walk up the shady brick path to the iron gate and fencing that was bought while on a road trip in El Paso. Just inside is a cozy spot to enjoy an evening fire amongst some of their favorite Japanese maples and listen to the soothing sounds of the pond waterfall.

Continue around the garden shed, through the rabbit run to the backyard. Have a seat on the garden wall and hear the sounds of the waterfall table filling the dogs’ water bowl. The former bird aviary is now “The Aviary”, a relaxing retreat for Karen. Check out the colorful bird wallpaper, an ode to the finches that lived there for many years.

They love to BBQ, enjoy cocktails with friends, and eat alfresco. The raised bandstand next to the Koi pond gives a different perspective of the back yard. They also sometimes enjoy a movie night on the couch with their four Doodles.

This yard is a series of spaces, each a little different, but all planned to be a cohesive garden experience with carefully selected California water wise plants, seating areas, and water elements that makes walking through the garden an adventure, but also one that invites you to linger along the way.

Welcome to Pub 2330! In April 2020, while safely at home reminiscing the wineries we visited during a milestone anniversary trip, we came up with the current design of our yard. We started the design on a Saturday afternoon making napkin sketches, hired a contractor on Sunday, and broke ground Monday morning – less than 48 hours from our initial sketch.

Approaching our home, you may notice a red, white, and blue color scheme highlighted by the vibrant shade of firecracker red! We often joke that red is a neutral and goes with everything and so embraced that idea in our plant selections and accessories.

In the backyard, we designed our yard as an extension of our home with different rooms.

Under the pergola is one of 3 exterior dining rooms where we go “out to lunch”. In the far northwest corner, pull up a chair and lounge by the fire pit.  This cozy living room is the perfect place to sip a glass of wine or chill by the fire at the end of a long day. In the middle of the yard is a Bocce Ball court, the key element to designing the layout and a great place to embrace your competitive spirit.  Last, but not least, in the southwest corner is our Pub which had its grand opening July 4, 2019.  This bar/kitchen was created using many found objects and is a favorite place to entertain or just relax. It is just one of the many spaces we hope you enjoy here at Pub 2330.

2330 North Flower Street

West Floral Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • Our Pub 2330 tile sign was custom made for us in Sintra, Portugal as a souvenir from our milestone anniversary trip.
  • Our bocce court is approximately 2/3 the size of a regulation bocce court, but Google said that you can make them any size you want. 😉 
  • The french doors in the Pub replaced a doggie door.
  • Previous owners had a horse shoe pit across the backyard (between where the Pub and fire pit are now).
  • The painted garden poles include World Peace in 4 languages.

2300 North Flower Street

West Floral Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • Our backyard was completely remodeled in 2019. We hired Ryan Martin as our landscape architect and Land Art as our Landscape Contractor. 
  • On the northside of our home is our garden where we’re planting a variety of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and Indian vegetables. 
  • As a corner property, we’re showcasing a variety of rose bushes primarily on the Santa Clara side. We work very closely with our gardener Salvador to add color and vibrancy to our surroundings.

At the NW corner of Flower and Santa Clara you’ll find the lovely home of Dan & Radhika Lipton. You’ve all seen it…white single story with black shutters and two black Adirondacks on the lawn…

Radhika purchased the 1951 built home in 2013 and promptly executed an extensive interior remodel. Dan entered her life in late 2017 and they were married in early 2020 just before the pandemic shut things down.

A late 2019 backyard remodel was influenced by landscape architect Ryan Martin and executed by Land Art, an Orange County landscape contractor. Effectively utilizing a unique courtyard layout was their challenge to combine comfortable outdoor living while creating a warm, relaxed setting surrounded by greenery. The T-shaped backyard features a custom barbecue, jacuzzi, a crescent-shaped seating area surrounding a gas-fed fire pit, outdoor dining table and secluded jacuzzi tub. The side yard provides just the right amount of sun and shade for their vegetable garden. The front and side yards showcase a variety of plants including a variety of roses, fruit trees and shrubbery, providing the property with the appropriate blend of color, symmetry and space.

Radhika and Dan are thrilled to invite the greater Floral Park community to experience for a day what they get to enjoy year round!

We never believed we would ever own a home as beautiful as this one. The prior owners, Lisa and Ron, did a fabulous job making this home perfect in many ways. The only thing missing in Linda’s opinion was a pool where she could float on a raft, her idea of Zen. Working with the pool company, we designed the perfect pool and jacuzzi, complete with waterfalls and a Baja ledge. We chose the teal-colored tiles to continue the theme from the front door to the backyard.

Trent loves spending time outdoors and had fun designing the landscaping once the pool was finished. He chose the plants and trees and moved furniture around until he found the perfect “balance” to everything. Linda’s only contribution was “I like purple,” a nod to their grandmother, Addie Mabel. With that, Trent went with a whimsical palette to include Sweet Peas, Purple Lantanas, Nandina, Mexican Sage, Sweet Williams, and Duranta Sapphire Showers. We added Strawberry Trees and Forest Pansies to the existing Grapefruit, Tangelo and Kumquat trees. Check out the interesting roots on the two large Ficus trees in the back corner!

We want our backyard to be a retreat where friends and family can come and relax. We’ve created small areas throughout, where people can work, play, watch an Angels’ game or a movie, or just hang out. There’s even a place for our Bichon, King Louie. Welcome to “Addie Mabel’s Oasis.”

2314 North Olive Lane

West Floral Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • The home was built in 1950. We are only the third owners.
  • The Ficus trees have really interesting above ground roots.
  • The original owners had a swimming pool. Ron and Lisa, the second owners, took it out. We put one back in.
  • The pool has a waterfall that comes out under the lip of the picnic bench pad.
  • There is a time capsule tribute to Linda’s parents under the picnic table pad. It contains a letter, toothpicks, and Tic Tac® mints. Ask us why. ☺️

1014 West Santa Clara Avenue

West Floral Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • Our yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.
  • There are 22 decorative animals and 4 gnomes that live in our yard. Can you spot them all?
  • There are over 30 varieties of edible plants in our garden.

Nestled back off the hustle and bustle of Santa Clara Avenue is our backyard retreat. Since moving to West Floral Park a little over five years ago, our backyard has gone through various changes and alterations. When we first moved in the yard wasn’t much more than a concrete patio, brick patio, and grass. Our first project was our raised bed garden which is made from the very same bricks that were once the patio. Then came the chickens. Prudence, Purity, and Patience are Marans chickens and Temperance is a Legbar. The girls love their enclosure and have the freedom to come and go from their coop throughout the day.

We like to think of our yard as not only a garden for growing vegetables and flowers, but also an entertaining space. While not exceedingly large, we have hosted many get togethers here. The hot tub is a favorite place to relax after a long day and summer barbecues are a must for us. Our newest addition to the yard is the shed which not only houses all our tools, gardening supplies, and chicken food, but the side wall also doubles as an outdoor theater. We truly enjoy our yard and the blessing to live in such an established neighborhood where so many people take pride in their homes and gardens. While we know more changes will come, we’re going to spend this summer resting and enjoying our time outside with family and good friends.

Welcome to our Zen inspired garden.

Entering the east gate, notice the undulating rock meandering along the Japanese maples, then step into the backyard and notice the tall Redwood tree. Divided into multiple outdoor “rooms” for relaxing or entertaining, there are both shady and sunny areas, working in concert or individually. The deck spans across the back providing lots of entertaining space with added elements of water, fire, and a view into Santiago Creek. A Craftsman inspired Pergola runs the length of the deck and studio.

There are a variety of trees in the yard: 5 Japanese maples, 2 Aptos Blue Redwoods, Tulip Magnolia, Black Pine, Japanese Pine, Thunderhead Pine, Mexican Sycamore, Eureka Lemon, Crepe Myrtle and a pink Tabebuia all equally beautiful. Some turn color in the fall, others bloom in the spring and summer.

The English Ivy changes with the seasons, and multiple sized rocks were chosen to embrace a Zen feel. Floating steps are a nod to the mid-century age of the home. Many textures and colors compliment the Zen design.

Take a peek into the art studio, a place that inspires creativity with skylights, a Dutch door, and French doors leading to the yard. Laurie’s art is on display.

We have hosted a number of small weddings and other special occasions here, and we wish you could see it at night with the accent lights twinkling and the fire pit lit, it is truly magical.

1141 West Riviera Drive

West Floral Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • Critters love our yard, we even had a coyote on our roof!
  • The art studio is original and was called a hobby house.
  • We can see Big Bang fireworks at Angel stadium and Disney fireworks.

1210 West River Lane

Fisher Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • Due to the 1969 flood, there are 1950’s cars buried under our backyard. We have a marker that shows the location of where the garden dropped off.  
  • Multiple mature trees are still in the garden from the original landscape plans we have from 1959. 
  • Very competitive games of Croquet get played in our backyard weekly!  

A Blend of Old and New with a River’s View.

Our custom 1959 mid-century home was designed by James Herbert Brownell and built by Hugh M. Neighbours. As we are only the second owners of this wonderful property we have benefited from the previous owner’s plantings and even the old farm planting of a Blue Gum Eucalyptus at the creek edge. In 2020 we redesigned the landscaping both in the front and rear of the property to focus on a couple key goals; minimize water usage, create more space for our family to play games and socialize, and finally, to harmonize the style of the home with the gardens.

The front garden has been redesigned to include Lomandra Breeze grasses bordered by Blue Juniper Horizontalis while incorporating a collection of fragrant roses from the original garden. The true star of the front garden is the giant 60 year old Incense Cedar tree.

As you enter the side of the property you will come to a small courtyard garden with a dwarf gala apple tree as its centerpiece. This quiet space receives shade from three towering Eugenia Myrtifolia’s.

Once in the back garden you will find numerous mature fruit and shade trees. The modern fence was designed to allow for a “borrowed view” of the creek and beyond. A bocce court and a large lawn area brings family and friends out back for games of everything from croquet to “Slip and Slide” on a hot summer day.

When we moved to Fisher Park in 2007 our 1950s house was covered with pink texture-coat and most of the backyard was a single slab of pink concrete. After three years of construction the building now incorporates stone from New Mexico, 42-foot beams, steel roofs, and smooth grey stucco. Over-grown shrubs have been replaced with water-wise plants, and we renovated the vintage Anthony pool and replaced the pink concrete around it with concrete pads separated by spaces to allow rainwater to percolate into the ground.

Despite these changes, we made sure to protect some elements of the original yard. The 1960s Hawaiian-themed landscape lives on through plumeria and giant bird of paradise. The previous owners’ navel orange tree, kumquats, and blackberry vines still produce and we’ve saved remnants of their original rose garden.

In the front we’ve focused on using native plants like sage, buckwheat, toyon, and palo verde trees, but still preserved the Mexican fan palm, queen palm, and junipers. In 2018 we added a water-wise Bandera hybrid bermuda lawn like the field at Angel Stadium.

In the back there’s a hidden area behind the garage where we grow vegetables and herbs and make compost. Our succulent collection just keeps growing, some turning into small trees. Another area has a shaded area with orchids, staghorn ferns, and Spanish moss for entertaining friends or napping with our three rescue dogs.

1211 West River Lane

Fisher Park

Fun Fact about this Garden:

  • Shiso is hard to grow.

1120 West River Lane

Fisher Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • We planted over 300 boxwoods to create the hedges throughout our garden
  • Part of our backyard was wiped out in the flood of 1969 and had to be rebuilt by the original owner.
  • We love to see children and adults walk on our flagstone path through our front yard as they walk the neighborhood.

This home was designed by noted architect Paul Williams and built in 1950. It was expanded and updated by the current owners in 2007 in collaboration with Fisher Park resident/architect Jane Lewis. The gardens were redesigned at that time with then Fisher Park resident, Drew Kunde, and redone with drought tolerant plants and materials in 2016. Inspired by the dryer gardens of Provence, the gardens are composed of layers of succulents separated by pathways, framed by boxwoods in a variety of shapes and sizes, and shaded by mature trees. Decomposed granite replaced thirsty lawns. The east side of the home has a raised bed kitchen garden (herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes) which leads to a citrus grove (dwarf lemons, kumquats). The rear garden has a circular design centered on a sleek fire pit with a wide expanse of patio which facilitates indoor/outdoor living and overlooks a pretty stretch of Santiago Creek. Plants include agave, aloe, cat paws, lavender, ice plant, and iceberg roses. Trees include crepe myrtles, Chinese Elms, and a Magnolia. There is a modern fountain in front and a bocce court in the back.

Our ranch style home was built in 1954. Over the last 18 years that we have lived here, we have modified the landscape to be more water efficient, using smart irrigation technology and efficient sprinklers. To save water, lawns were decreased by 50%. Additionally, we incorporated drought tolerant plans and paid more attention to how plants are grouped and displayed. Approximately 85% of all trees and plants were salvaged from landscapes that were being removed or modified from other locations. Stones used for pathways in the backyard, as well as the concrete picnic table, were salvaged from the Marine Corps Helicopter Station closure in Tustin.

Maddie, Coby, and Janie, our three dogs, enjoy the yard as much as we do as well as all of the other foster dogs we care for periodically. Walking them every day has been a wonderful way to get to know our neighbors over the years. We have to admit we are four time foster failures since we can’t bear to let them leave once we fall in love with them. We also enjoy the return of the Western Blue Bird each year and have made some nest boxes for them. We love growing and eating edibles from the garden such as avocados, tomatoes, lemons, Navel oranges, apples, grapes, cherries, kumquats, loquats, and apriums. Blueberries, blackberries, and lettuce are grown in containers and in the ground. We don’t even mind sharing the fruit with the birds and other wildlife we all know and love.

929 Sharon Road

Fisher Park

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • TBD
  • TBD

2612 North Flower Street

Fisher Park

Fun Fact about this Garden:

  • A large field where our dogs can chase each other

We moved from Irvine in 2015 and drove around this area to shop for a new home and were amazed at all the different types of houses, each with its own unique style and character. We found our English Tudor house and immediately fell in love with its classic style and charm. It was built in 1928 as a wedding gift for Mrs. Roehm who lived here for 71 years. We love our home and the entire neighborhood, and also our many wonderful neighbors.

Our backyard was another reason we knew we had found a new home. The backyard is a huge space and was fairly plain when we first moved in. There’s an expansive lawn and towering over everything is a giant Chinese elm tree. It’s large enough to feel like a dog park which it actually is for our two dogs: Mika and Mona, our new puppy. We love watching them run and play.

There is also a beautiful patio with a cozy living space to watch TV with family and friends.

We enjoy growing vegetables in our garden and have many types, from tomatoes and peppers to several types of vegetables from Japan. We are especially proud that we are able to grow so many things in rich California soil in an area with a long history of farming. We also ordered a cedar wood shed from Canada that we built with our sons. It looks like a log cabin, and along with the fire pit makes our yard almost feel like a vacation area for us.

Welcome to our home.


Complimentary Water, provided by Assistance League of Santa Ana

905 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Stop by the Assistance League of Santa Ana’s information booth to grab a complimentary water and learn about this wonderful organization. Supporting the community through several philanthropic programs, they are always looking for additional members or direct contributions. Learn more at their website.

UC Master Gardeners of Orange County

1211 West River Lane

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Gardening questions? Ask the UC Master Gardeners of Orange County! They’ll be happy to share research-based information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices. See them outside Garden #8 or visit their website for more information.

Butterfly Garden Docent Tours at Sarah Mae Downie Herb Garden

2403 N Flower Street

10:30 am to 4:00 pm

On the guided tour, you’ll learn how butterflies lay eggs only on specific plants, how they feed on nectar, and how their chrysalis needs a safe place to shelter until the butterfly is ready to spread its wings. You’ll also learn how to create your own butterfly garden at home. Prizes will be awarded to kids of all ages to inspire the next generation to encourage and care for butterflies in our communities.

If you are here at the start of our event, there will be a dedication ceremony at 10:00 am.

OC Organics

905 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Learn more about composting, and edible plants will be available for purchase

Live Music by Velvet Bow Strings

902 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Classical, folk and pop music for all occasions located near the ticket booth


Guida’s Garden & Danny’s Designs

916 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Botanical accessories, plants, beaded jewelry and curious page-markers

Bart Beach

915 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Hand crafted bowls, puzzles, boxes and kitchen utensils made from recycled, locally harvested wood

Karen Nan

915 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fused glass sun catchers & wind chimes

Mike Evron

915 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Hand-blown glass

Passport, Please

905 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Unique Mercado bags handcrafted in Mexico from recycled plastic. Each of these amazing bags look good all year round and are built to last a lifetime!!

OC Organics

905 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Edible plants, and learn more about composting

Amorviejo Art

1132 Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Featuring rock and crystal garden creations and unique, mixed media Love Boxes

Heart for Succulents

1135 Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Specializing in succulent wreaths, potted succulents, and gift boxes for all occasions

New Vista Academy

1121 River Lane 

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Succulents in boxes made from recycled wood, with all proceeds going to the Orange County Heritage Council


Taco Plates by El Pico de Gallo Grill

909 West Riviera Drive

11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Enjoy a taco plate from a local neighborhood favorite. If you like what you got, they have an extensive menu at their nearby restaurant, located right at the northwest corner of Flower Street and Seventeenth Street!

Complimentary Bottled Water, provided courtesy of the Assistance League of Santa Ana

905 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

1141 West Riviera Drive

10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Porta Potties

2439 North Olive Lane – Second driveway for 916 West Riviera Drive but located on North Olive Lane

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Public Restrooms at Jack Fisher Park

2501 North Flower Street

Available 24/7

Thank You to Our Garden Owners!

Phil & Laurie Schaefer
Karen & Jim Mittendorf
Lisa & Matt Speer
Dan & Radhika Lipton
Linda Duffy & Delwyn Trent
Harrison Zierer & Mark Engeln
Les Hall & Randy Musser
Andrew & Erica Moir
Randy & Mary Barth
Tom & Nancy Larson
Masami & Machiko Koyama

And thank you to all our committee members, volunteers, and docents who make this event possible.

Until Next Year!

We are thrilled that you’ve spent time with us this year and are excited to announce that we’ll be back in 2022 on Mother’s Day Weekend so mark your calendars for

Saturday, May 7, 2022!

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