Welcome to our Gardens!

We invite you to wander through our nine lovely gardens, enjoy the Promenade with vendors, information booths, presentations, live music and more, and explore the beauty of our two neighborhoods.

If you are as addicted to social media as we are, please consider posting about us during your visit using the hashtag #OpenGardenDay. Don’t forget to tag us as @WFPandJFPOpenGardenDay on Facebook or @OpenGardenDay on Instagram! We love having more followers.


Parking should be plentiful throughout our neighborhoods.

We encourage attendees to consider walking, as you may find little gems and photo-perfect vignettes between the featured gardens. The distance from Garden #1 to Garden #9 is approximately 1.6 miles long if walking over the footbridge between River Lane and Riviera Drive.


For your convenience, we have five shuttle stops strategically placed. A shuttle should be available from any stop within 20 minutes.

Zoom into the map to see more detail.



Starting from  9:00 AM 

Wristband Pickup Begins

Pick up your wristbands outside 2302 North Westwood Avenue.

Starting from  9:00 AM 

Shopping and Information Booths at The Promenade Available

from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

Live Music: Velvet Bows

Classical, folk and pop music for all occasions, located at near wristband pickup.

Starting from  10:00 AM

Gardens Open to Tour

10:30 AM

Presentation: Protecting Our Trees

Presented by UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County, located at 2323 North Westwood Avenue.

from  11:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

Food Available for Purchase

Located towards the South end of The Promenade.

11:30 AM 

Presentation: All About Compost

Presented by UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County, located at 2323 North Westwood Avenue.

from  12:30 PM to 1:30 PM 

Live Performance: MenAlive

Orange County’s Gay Men’s Chorus, located at The Promenade.

2:00 PM 

Presentation: Small Bites and Cocktails from the Garden

Limited availability for samples to those seated. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Located at 2323 North Westwood Avenue.

from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM 

Live Music: GaryTurnerJazz

Jazz standards, selections from the Great American Songbook, originals, and reimagined pop songs! Located at The Promenade.

Starting from  01:00 PM 

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Starting from  01:30 PM 

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Through  4:00 PM 

Event Ends

Thank you for visiting!

603 West Memory Lane

Fisher Park

First Time on Tour!

Fun Facts about this Garden:

  • We have a rescued squirrel that lives in our garden shed who is named Eddie.
  • We have 42 Japanese Maples in our yard.